Pillow Type Packaging Machine BJ-110


Suitable for a small amount and varied accessory packs, such as metal parts.

  • This machine improves the shortcomings of general horizontal and vertical packaging machines, and adopts the packaging method of pillow seal, making it more smooth in operation.
  • The machine can automatically detect, if the knife drop position is above the package, the knife will not fall, and it has the function of preventing the knife from pressing on the package.
  • The length of the bag and the speed of the wrapping can be controlled by timer and can be switched according to the tempo of the operator.
  • With counting stop function, and can count the total output.
  • The temperature of the sealing and the rear sealing wheel can be adjusted on the microcomputer thermometer.

Dimension (mm) 2630*700*1575(L*W*H)
Net Weight (N.W.kg) 420
Sealing Sides Pillow seal
Packing Speed (Bags / Min0) 20ppm (Depending on Packing size & material)
Max. Width of Packing Material 300
Voltage (v) 220
Electric Heater(KW) 2.4KW 220V
Control System Controlled By PLC

Metal Accessories
Metal Accessories
Hardware parts
Hardware parts
Hardware parts
Hardware parts
Water Faucet
Water Faucet