Horizontal Packaging Machine BJ-350SH


The conveyor of BJ-350SH is two-step feeding. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be cut and be packaged in the process of the conveyor transportation.

Suitable for packaging hamburgers, hot dogs, BIg Bite, and all kinds of bread.

  • Adopt servo motor controls bag length for an easy and economical operation.
  • This machine adopts MIT inverter, packaging speed can be adjusted by the control screen, which is convenient and fast.
  • The body is stainless steel construction. Easy to clean and not easy to get dirt.
  • Suitable for packaging different types of products.
  • The bag length, rate and counter are value display, which is clear at a glance.
  • The high-precision electric eye tracking system makes it easy to correct the cutting position without wasting packaging materials.
  • When the paper roll is used up or broken, the machine will auto shutdown immediately .
  • It has the functions of move forward and back inch, and normal operation can be restart after troubleshooting.
  • Compact body structure , greatly saving installation space, simple and efficient humanized operation.

Dimension (mm) 4500*950*1500(L*W*H)
Net Weight 1000
Sealling Sides Pillow seal
Packing Speed (Bags/Min0) 25-150 (Depending on Packing Size & material)
Max. Width Of Packing Material(mm) 450
Max. Packing Size (mm) 240*120*50 (L*W*H)
Min. Packing Size (mm) 60*20*30 (L*W*H)
Voltage (v) 220
Servo Motor 400W 220VAC
Electric Heater (KW) 2.4KW 220V
Control System Colorful Hci Controlled By PLC